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Discussion in 'EULAlyzer Forum' started by specsav, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. specsav

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    Sep 19, 2006
    Hi, I came by EULAlyzer and started using it. I think that this is not only a great idea, but also a good working application. Now after using it for a while I started to think about it and about how much potential this application actually have. For starters I thought it would be good to be add the possibility to give extra information from the EULA, such as what type of use of the software is allowed, commercial or private only or how many installations with one license you are allowed to have, or maybe even what type of upgrades the license grants you (lifetime, all dot upgrades, etc...). This would simplify reading the EULA for this kind of information and the possibility to save this information for later viewing would really help and save time. I hope if there ever is time, that this is something that could be considered implemented.

    Secondly I thought that maybe EULAlyzer could be made into a framework. I don't know how EULAlyzer works now, but I believe that it has a set of rules which it applies to an EULA and based on them makes a decision if the EULA is a good one or not. Now my idea was that if it was made into a framework that used external rule files, people could make their own rule files and analyse the EULA for the things that interest them. This would also allow them to be future proof in case someone made an EULA specifically to avoid the analysis of EULAlyzer and it would also allow people to analyse an EULA for things that interested them, such as license type, etc.... This way they would get the necessary and important information without having to go through reading an entire EULA for every software they install (especially when there are so many softwares that are necessary in our day and age). What does people think about my ideas?
Thread Status:
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