Suggested Improvements For NOD32 v5.2.9.1 Settings

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by rnfolsom, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Nov 9, 2005
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    In ESET NOD32 v5.2.9.1 (and probably also in earlier 5.x, 4.x, and 3.x versions), at Setup > Enter Advanced Setup, there are some anomalies that ought to be corrected.

    1) At some Advanced Setup locations, some Default settings give the user a choice between "Restore all settings to defaults" (where all should be ALL), or "Restore only [current location] to default settings" (where only should be ONLY). Some capitalization can highlight differences in choices (especially for the benefit of users of very high resolution screens, on which Eset windows mostly use very small fonts).

    But at other settings locations, clicking on the Default button restores something to defaults, but there is no choice, and no explanation of what will be restored to default by clicking on the Default button. So after clicking the Default button, the user has to guess whether only the settings at the user's location, or the settings at the user's location plus some settings elsewhere, or at EVERY setting throughout Advanced Setup, have been restored to default settings.

    In my judgment, ALL default buttons ought to give the user a choice. Alternatively, if there is some reason to avoid a choice, the single Default button ought be labeled either as "Restore ALL settings to defaults" or "Restore ONLY [current location] to default settings."

    2) At User interface > Alerts and Notifications > Advanced setup, the ?-Help says
    "From the Minimum verbosity of events to display drop-down menu, you can select the starting severity level of alerts and notification to be displayed.
    "* Diagnostic – Logs information needed to fine-tune the program and all records above.
    "* Informative – Records informative messages, including successful update messages, plus all records above.
    "* Warnings – Records critical errors and warning messages.
    "* Errors – Errors such as "Error downloading file" and critical errors will be recorded.
    "* Critical – Logs only critical errors (error starting Antivirus protection, etc...). . . ."

    But for me, and maybe to others, the phrases "Minimum verbosity of events" and "records above" have no clear meanings. And in the list, what determines the sequence of items? (Critical is last because it is recommended for use only "in a multi-user [meaning multi-computer domain network?] environment.") If "verbosity of events" means quantity of alerts and notifications that the user will receive, does the list's sequence correspond to that quantity --- and if so, does the list's sequence represent increasing or decreasing verbosity?

    Personally, I would guess that "Informative" would generate the largest quantity of alerts and notifications that the user will receive. Maybe that's why Informative is the default. But if so, Informative ought be at the beginning of the list, with the remaining items (excluding Critical) sequenced to reflect likely verbosity (aka quantity of alerts and notifications).

    3) At User interface > Access setup, there is an option to "Require administrator rights (system without UAC support)."

    My first complaint here is that acronyms such as UAC should never be used without expanding them (in this case, to User Account Control).

    More serious is the ?-Help for "Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts." The ?-Help says:
    "Select this option to prompt the current user (if he or she does not have administrator rights) to enter administrator username and password when modifying certain system parameters (similar to the UAC in Windows Vista). The modifications include disabling protection modules."

    But for a scenario like mine, where I'm the only person using the computer, and I am in my Limited User account, and there is no domain network (either with or without an administrator) anywhere in sight, and I can't be in my Limited User account and my Administrator account simultaneously, what should I do? The ?-Help doesn't give me a solution, or even a clue. There may be a way for me to use a "Run as Administrator" link to let me change "certain system parameters" (or any Advanced Setup settings) while I am in a Limited User account, but the ?-Help doesn't tell me how to do that. As far as I know, the only way for me to change ANY Advanced Setup settings is to exit my Limited User account and log into my Administrator account.

    4) At User Interface > Gamer mode, the available settings are:
    Enabler Gamer mode, Enable Gamer mode when running applications in full-screen automatically, and Disable Gamer mode automatically after [] minutes.
    But for someone (e.g. me) who was pleased to see --- in the initial ESEt Norton Antivirus 5 Setup Computer screen --- that Gamer mode was disabled (probably disabled somewhere in Advanced Setup's Computer section, at a location I now can't find), it is somewhat disconcerting to find another Gamer mode location where Gamer mode could be enabled.

    I think that at User Interface > Gamer mode, a setting to Disable Gamer mode would save a non-gamer some time.

    Roger Folsom
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