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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by kreidicp, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. kreidicp

    kreidicp Registered Member

    Sep 9, 2004
    Hello, first time to forum. Can anybody help me please? Acronis Support have simply abandoned me (for the second time of use)

    Note : Have a Verified Image from a Version 6 run in June.Never needed to restore so far.

    Problem :
    Upgraded to Ver 8.0 768 3 weeks ago. Now , after 11 attempts , cannot get either ver 6.0 or 8.0 apparently successful Images to verify through Check Image, usually getting Error Code 403 or in the final few seconds ' synchronising with Op System ' then a Read Error ? Have downloaded a different Check Image file and same problem .
    Writing to High Speed 12x CD-RW's, using different new disks, so don't think it is the media .

    Have disabled anything running , eg Norton, Ad Aware Plus, Spybot, Windows Update, WinPatrol etc etc . Have even tried in Safe Mode . My System seems to be operating OK.

    Have submitted the usual stuff to Acronis, ie cdrecord.log and Snapapi.log but as before , no answer and just left in the dark . Even after polite requests asking if they have forgotten me, just nothing?

    Dell 4400, XP Home, SP1 . Nervous to go to SP2 until I can get a good Image now. Home PC , no network . Nothing fancy on my machine , all trusted progs as far as I know.

    If anyone could give me any direction/ideas it would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,ken
    PS Tried uninstalling anything I put on since last Verified Image , no difference.

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