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  1. feverfive

    feverfive Registered Member

    Jun 17, 2005
    Success!! (Just a Rambling Post) :)

    Just had to share that after using TI8 for only ~30 days, I had to conduct a restore. As I noted in a relatively long thread , Re: TI8 not seeing USB external HD's when using the boot CD, my external HD (which is actually connected via firewire) was not recognized at all when using the boot CD. That problem still hasn't been fixed, but I was able to connect via USB2 instead for purposes of restoring an image.

    A couple days ago, I went through my monthly ritual of updating software/drivers, etc., & also installed a trial version of O&O defrag. For some reason, after doing all of this, I started experiencing start-up hangs in XP, SP2--my desktop would appear, & some of my start-up programs loaded, but then just stopped/hanged. I'm unsure of what caused it--I'm guessing it was the O&O defrag b/c I ran a "Complete/Access" defrag, which totally re-sorted my on-board HD--my problems materialized right after that.

    Restoring was easy enough, though a bit nerve-racking since it took almost two hours :mad: (~4.5GB compressed image) & b/c of my aforementioned issues w/ TI8 not recognizing my external HD w/ the boot CD!! But, it went off w/out a hitch--just needed to re-set my paging file once I booted into Windows. Now, if only I could do a restore while connected via firewire w/ an accompanying increase in speed.....

    Oh yeah, I use build 826, even though build 859 was out when I first purchased TI8 (I won't re-hash the problems w/ 859). Sorry for the long post, in case you've made it this far, but I'm just pretty happy b/c TI8 saved me quite a bit of time, even given the lengthy restore process.
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  2. jmk94903

    jmk94903 Registered Member

    Jul 10, 2004
    San Rafael, CA
    Re: Success!! (Just a Rambling Post) :)

    Yes, when you have a problem being able to restore to a fully functional earlier time is wonderful.
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