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  1. JohnBurns

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    Jul 4, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    I have two computers on a wireless home network. I recently installed SpywareGuard on both and it works great, with one slight problem. On one computer I keep getting the message that my homepage has been changed from http://oklahomacity.cox.net/ to http://oklahomacity.cox.net. The only difference is the "/" at the end of the URL. This doesn't happen on the other computer even though it is using the same homepage. If I disable Browser Hijack Protection, this no longer happens. Has anyone encountered this or have a suggestion what I might do to make it stop?

    I am running XP Home on both. I am sure there are no viruses or trojans on either computer - I have the following installed and run regularly: Norton Antivirus, Spybot S&D, LavaSoft Adaware, Spyware Blaster, SpySweeper, and WinPatrol, - have run HJT and nothing is indicated. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

    I have found two posts about this same problem - but no answers to the posts regarding the solution. (Post #142 on June 29, 2004 and Post #144 on June 30, 2004) Appreciate any help on this - thanks.
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