SpywareGuard causes system tray problems

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Frank1, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Frank1

    Frank1 Guest

    I installed SpywareGuard V2.2 on my Windows XP Home just now.
    The installation went O/K. The program appeared to work.

    However, after rebooting, some of the system tray icons were not there and one of the programs failed to load. I checked Task Manager and all the programs were runing (except the one that didn't load) but some of the icons were not in the system tray.

    I uninstalled SpywareGuard and rebooted. My icons returned.
    I downloaded SpywareGuard again
    I installed SpywareGuard again and the same thing hapened.
    I rebooted again to make sure it is consistent. Yes, my icons were missing.
    I uninstalled it again and my icons returned again.

    I also installed SpywareGuard on another machine (Windows 2000 SP4) and it works fine.

    I would really like to use this program, is thare anyone who had the same problem and fixed it?

  2. dave7776

    dave7776 Registered Member

    May 4, 2004
    I am having a very similar problem, I ran spybot and hijack this and my tray icons disappeared, but I done a system restore to get them back. But I have another PC which did the same thing but my restore wont work.
    I have also discovered that certain websites will only let me view some of their pages.
    Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  3. Frank1

    Frank1 Guest

    Yes, I satrted this way.
    I installed a number of programs and after rebooting, a number of system tray icons dissapeared.
    Spy Bot didn't fix it, virus scans didn't fix it, uninstalling the programs didn't fix it. Had to do a restore. That appeared to fix it.
    I then started to install the programs one at a time to determine which program caused the fault. It was SpywareGuard as noted in my previous post.

    Just to add to the confusion - I read somewhere that this problem might actually by a Windows XP problem.

  4. spm

    spm Registered Member

    Dec 9, 2002

    Before concluding that SG is the culprit here (I'm not saying it is or it isn't - I don't know), be aware that there is a known bug in WinXP's hiding of tray icons. You can eliminate this as follows:

    1. Right-click the Start button, and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
    2. On the Taskbar page of the properties form, un-check the "Hide inactive icons" option.
    3. Press OK.

    Do any of your tray icons still disappear when SG is installed?
  5. Frank1

    Frank1 Guest

    Yes, that was the first thing I tried.
    Makes no difference. Even after hiding, they ususlly can be restored by clicking on the bar next to the system tray. In this case, once booted, the icons are missing. Even though the apps are running some of those apps are inaccessable without the icon.

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