SpywareGuard & Auction Sentry/eBay

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by todmunpla, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. todmunpla

    todmunpla Registered Member

    Dec 13, 2004
    Williston, VT
    I'm hoping this isn't a lost cause...As soon as I install SB, Auction Sentry is unable to log on to eBay. It's a program I must use (at least for now), so does anyone know of a workaround for this? I've tried ad-watch but it is annoying to say the least. Anyone?? Thanks,

    steve/Tod Mun Pla
  2. Starman7

    Starman7 Guest

    Auction Sentry uses Services.exe to connect to internet which SpywareGuard probably prevents. I don't like Auction Sentry because of this.
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