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  1. This is very weird! I installed Spywareblaster and Spywareguard. When I click on the desktop icons, HP Recordnow tries to install! I had the tray icon for SG and that worked fine! When I cancel the install, SB comes up and works fine. SG did not. I tried to uninstall SG (thinking maybe it was conflicting w/Spybot) but I have files left that I can't get rid of.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Try the reverse and reinstall HP Recordnow and see if that prevents all future occurrences of that message.

    Here's what we've seen related to this type of thing, which seems to effect a small percentage of systems. (There are maybe 20 threads or so here about this, posted in the past two years.) Following the installation of some programs Windows may need to rebuild or reload some components that are installed within it. The most common thing we've seen is related to Microsoft Office. Upon running one of these programs a window opens asking for the Office install CD. People end up clicking cancel several times and they can then run the program.

    Well, experience has shown that Windows is trying to reload or rebuild something and it needs some files from the Office install kit to do this. Most times if the person simply loads the requested CD when prompt, Windows does its thing and that fixes it. Sometimes people have had to reinstall Office itself to fix it. We've seen this also happen with other Microsoft products like Frontpage, as well as a couple third party products. We don't know what in the install process is causing it, I offer only this as a guess because I don't program any of Javacool's software, but I'm guessing that the Microsoft Visual Basic components used by all Javacool products is somehow tied into this and the DLLs being reloaded are somehow related, because otherwise Javacool's programs are pretty much non-invasive. (As I said, just my guess as to why.)
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