SpywareBlaster .exe calls Windows Installer

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Grongle, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Grongle

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    Jan 6, 2007
    I looked in Search—apologies if I missed something.

    This is showing up here and there on the internet. I've read that the problem belongs with the Windows Installer.

    IF (reproducible):
    If a custom Office 2000-2003 install includes "1" choices, which select specified files to be available for a later install ["Install on Demand"] for the later convenience for end-users deciding to include those options, then this conflict with SpywareBlaster—and no other software—will be invoked.)

    When SpywareBlaster's .exe is pressed, it invokes not only the correct SpywareBlaster response, but also Windows Installer's popup notice of the Installer having been initiated in an attempt to install the already-installed Office program.

    Two presses of SpywareBlaster's X button kills the Installer for that instance. But it will happen every time, and a new download and install of SpywareBlaster will do nothing to help.

    Apparently this happens when Office is installed with "Install on Demand" selections. I have reproduced it using Office 2000 on a bare-bones Word 2000 installation (XP SP2) without any MS updates at all. That suggests to me that although SpywareBlaster may be the victim of a Windows Installer glitch, the feature is indeed triggered within Spyware Blaster's .exe—which means that a modification in SpywareBlaster might solve it.

    I have read that if "Install on Demand" [or "1"] options are removed from the Office config, the problem is no longer visible. In this regard, it seems the fault may well be with the Windows Installer itself, or maybe with the Office programs. However, because the results appear to be unique to Spyware Blaster, it may be in SpywareBlaster's power to get rid of the glitch.
Thread Status:
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