Spyware Weekly Newsletter :· June 8, 2004

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    Spyware Weekly Newsletter :· June 8, 2004
    The Spyware Weekly Newsletter is distributed every week to 13,400 subscribers and read online by hundreds of thousands of visitors. Click here to subscribe. To unsubscribe from this newsletter, click the link provided at the bottom of the newsletter. Please read our Terms of Use for quoting guidelines. Old issues are available online. This edition of the Spyware Weekly Newsletter is archived permanently at http://www.spywareinfo.net/june8,2004.

    Wherever the term "adware" is used, it is referring to a category of software, not to any particular company or product.

    Beware this email scam

    At the risk of setting off a million spam filters, I want to warn everyone about an old email scam that is going around once again.

    The subject line of the spam is usually similar to "A user on our web site has submitted information about you" or "Someone is looking into your background". The spam goes on to say that an anonymous user has submitted information or an opinion about you on the spammer's web site. A link is provided so you can view the information.

    This is where the scam begins. In order to view the information, you have to subscribe. Unfortunately, people fooled into subscribing find that there is no real information that has been submitted about them. It's a scam. Or it even could be a spammer looking to confirm live email addresses. Don't be surprised if you click their link and find your address sold to a hundred spammers.

    For more information about this scam, please visit Snopes.com: http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/wordofmouth.asp

    The Mul
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