SpoofGuard(protects against phishing scams)

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    Jan 18, 2005
    If you want protection from phishing scams, then download
    this free program called SpoofGuard.
    It is a tool to help prevent a form of malicious attack called "web spoofing" or "phishing." Phishing attacks usually involve deceptive e-mail that appears to come from a popular commercial site. The email explains that the recipient has an account problem, or some other reason to visit the commercial site and log in. However, the link in the email sends the user to a malicious "spoof" site that collects user information such as account names, passwords, and credit card numbers. Once your user information is collected by a "spoof:" site, criminals may log into your account or cause other damage.

    SpoofGuard is a browser plug in that is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explore. SpoofGuard places a traffic light in your browser toolbar that turns from green to yellow to red as you navigate to a spoof site. If you try to enter sensitive information into a form from a spoof site, SpoofGuard will save your data and warn you. SpoofGuard warnings occur when alarm indicators reach a level that depends on parameters that are set by the user

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