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    Feb 14, 2015
    Hello I have a 2 tb drive as the boot drive that I am trying to split to make the system drive smaller and hopefully speed up my system. I used the partition split option in hard drive manager 12 pro and it seemed to go ok for a while but it has been at the preparing message for over 24 hours now. I do see the spinning circle, And the screen switches between several message one says "this May take sometime" and another says it "will start soon or shortly" (or something like that). I can also see the HD activity light flicker and flash once in a while, but I would think that after 24 hours with no change the program must be stuck. The last thing the progress says is creating file tree. I should mention this 2 tb drive is just over half full and I am trying to split the system partition down to 1/4 the size (500 mb), and about half the data on the drive is being moved to the new partition being created. I expected it would take a while but over 24hours now and the progress still says 0%, I expected it to it least say it has started and to have at least 1%, by now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreaceated.