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    Only some info about Steve Gibson's upcoming new version 6 of SpinRite.

    If you want to know what SpinRite is, go to the SpinRite site:

    If you're interested in the development discussion, here is the forum-link:
    The web-based interface is, as always at GRC, read-only; you need a news-reader to post.

    Here is what Steve wrote about "SpinRite 6.0 Plans and Goals":

    Some notes by me:

    SpinRite is not free.
    I would say that it is only for experienced users.
    You definitely have to read the manual very carefully !
    You must have a good backup image.
    It is not my intention to start a discussion about Steve nor SpinRite, only to give some links/info for those of you who are interested.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.