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Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by xTiNcTion, Apr 29, 2005.

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    Oct 25, 2003
    Dear Blackspear and members that assited in developing this post

    I am a member of this great forum. Since i registered i learned a lot about keeping my box "more secure".

    All of you have always been nice with me and I really appreciate it :)

    I use "yours" suggested general cleaning instructions Also, I know many other people use it too. Since i read it, it became part of my daily work helping me out too many times.

    i did a search on the internet and i didn't find a "spanish version" of this "excelente procedimiento" (let me know if i miss one). So, i want to let you know -BS and the others member who collaborated- that i posted -an-adapted & spanish translated- version in the following forums:

    Foros del Web
    with the subject: Cómo remover Virus, Troyanos, Spywares y otros

    this post keep "the idea" and i made my best to keep it simple and easy to read. simple? :)

    What i added/changed:
    -Recomended use of "ccleaner" (crapcleaner) to erase TEMP files.
    -i grouped all "programs to be download and later used" in one step. (Step 1)
    -Added a link to download VX2 -win9x and winxp version- from our website. (one of the original link is not working-broadbandmedic and the other have winxp only)
    -Changed Zonealarm english download link to spanish version.
    -Changed Adware english link to spanish
    -Easy reading

    I hope any member who understand spanish can review it and suggest me what i should change. If i made an copyright violation in any way, please let know. And if you want me to remove the post, let me know too. (hope you wont ! ) :)


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