SPAMfighter/Chicalogic scam

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by roger_m, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Jan 25, 2009
    I've also posted this at Spyware Warrior, but since it doesn't get so many visitors these days thought it was worth posting here too.

    I'm guessing that many people here have heard of SPAMfighter. It is an excellent anti-spam program and work really well at identifying spam emails.

    Sadly and surprisingly however, SPAMfighter appear to be a very untrustworthy company. Amongst the several products they publish is a registry cleaner called SLOW-PCfighter. As is the case with many registry cleaners the means by which it is sold, give good cause for it to be called a scam. It works like this - firstly, the benefits of cleaning the registry are highly exaggerated with claims of restoring a slow PC's performance. Secondly, they product a highly crippled free trial which will scan for registry errors (and will often find over a thousand errors), but will only fix 25 of these errors unless you purchase the product.

    It is important to note that despite what SPAMfighter and other publishers of registry cleaner claim - cleaning the registry will usually lead to absolutely no noticeable increase in PC performance or make a PC crash less. The problem of course is that users don't get to find this out until they purchase the product. To make matters worse, there is a perceived benefit from removing registry errors - so that even if cleaning the registry have no noticeable benefit they are is a belief that it is important to have removed the errors. The fact is however, is that almost all of these "errors" are completely harmless and there is no need to remove them!

    This is not the sort of behavior one would expect from the makers of the excellent SPAMfighter. Another issue I have with them too is that they are associated with scam review site Top 10 Reviews. For those who don't know this is a scam site with which does not provide honest reviews, it just a money making site - they are an affiliate of the all software they give good reviews too, and they always give free software (from which they make no money obviously) bad reviews. Again, why would a company like SPAMfighter want to be associated with such a website?

    ChicaLogic sell a renamed SLOW-PCfighter called ChicaPC-Fix. In this case, they use a lot more misleading claims to sell it. It's interesting that that SPAMfighter claimed in an email to me that "Regarding ChicaLogic they bought a White Label Version from us, that’s no secret"

    Yet, ChicaLogic appears to actually be owned by SPAMfighter. In this interview the CEO of ChicaLogic is discussing SLOW-PCfighter.

    What reason has a legitimate business got to be so deceitful?

    There is some discussion about what was at the time the thread was active another renamed SLOW-PCfighter here:
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