soundblaster live record what you hear

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by culla, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. culla

    culla Registered Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    soundblaster live record what you hear
    the record what you hear doesn't show in play control options
    creative soundblaster live p3 800
    why could it be it works on my other comp
    which i don't use online so doesn't have latest updates,
    i'm wondering if a windows update caused it
    i have uninstalled reinstalled both with windows update
    uninstalled reinstalled with creative software i got with the soundcard
    everything works fine other than this minor inconvenience but
    it bugs me so if anyone knows why please let me know thanks
  2. culla

    culla Registered Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    bump anyone know what it could be
  3. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Jun 30, 2004
    Garden State, USA
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2008
  4. culla

    culla Registered Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    os = xp pro fully updated
    soundblaster live installed with supplied disc
    sound works fine recording my guitar line in
    playback works fine
    just no record what you hear anywhere
    thanks globalforce but niether link has the answer

    Computer Profile Summary
    Computer Name: Culla (in WORKGROUP)
    Profile Date: Friday, 4 January 2008 2:57:43 PM
    Advisor Version: 6.1f
    Windows Logon: steve

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    Operating System System Model
    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600) MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6178
    System Serial Number: PKK48587
    Asset Tag: 33670
    Chassis Serial Number: PKK48587
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    800 megahertz Intel Pentium III
    32 kilobyte primary memory cache
    256 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6178
    Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
    BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 07/18/2000
    Drives Memory Modules c,d
    271.01 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    206.83 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


    PLATINUM 250G 8F7200 USB Device [Hard drive] (250.99 GB) -- drive 1
    ST320415A [Hard drive] (20.02 GB) -- drive 0, s/n 7EQ00VZK, rev 3.05, SMART Status: Healthy 384 Megabytes Installed Memory

    Slot 'A0' has 128 MB
    Slot 'A1' has 256 MB
    Local Drive Volumes

    c: (on drive 0) 20.02 GB 15.06 GB free
    e: (on drive 1) 250.99 GB 191.77 GB free

    Network Drives
    None detected
    Users Printers
    local user accounts last logon
    steve 2/01/2008 11:19:30 PM (admin)
    local system accounts
    Administrator never (admin)
    Guest never
    HelpAssistant never
    SUPPORT_388945a0 never

    Marks a disabled account; Marks a locked account Canon Bubble-Jet BJC-4200 on LPT1:

    Controllers Display
    Standard floppy disk controller
    Intel(R) 82801AA Bus Master IDE Controller
    Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
    Secondary IDE Channel [Controller] Intel(R) 82810E Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation) [Display adapter]
    NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro (Microsoft Corporation) [Display adapter]
    Default Monitor
    Dell E151FP [Monitor] (15.2"vis, January 2002)
    Bus Adapters Multimedia
    Intel(R) 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller Creative SB Live! Value (WDM)
    Creative SBLive! Gameport
    Intel(r) 82801AA AC'97 Audio Controller
    MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
    Standard Game Port
    Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device
    Communications Other Devices
    Lucent Win Modem
    RAS Async Adapter Acronis TrueImage Backup Archive Explorer
    Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    PS/2 Compatible Mouse
    Generic USB Hub
    USB Mass Storage Device
    USB Root Hub
    Virus Protection
    No details available
    Installed Microsoft Hotfixes [Back to Top]
    Windows Media Format 11 SDK
    KB929399 (details...)
    Windows Media Player 11
    KB936782_WMP11 (details...)
    KB939683 (details...)
    Windows Media Player 6.4
    KB925398_WMP64 (details...)
    Windows XP
    KB941569 (details...)
    KB928090-IE7 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB929969 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB931768-IE7 on 9/05/2007 (details...)
    KB933566-IE7 on 13/06/2007 (details...)
    KB937143-IE7 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB938127-IE7 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB939653-IE7 on 10/10/2007 (details...)
    KB942615-IE7 on 12/12/2007 (details...)
    MSCOMPPACKV1 on 11/03/2007 (Microsoft Compression Client Pack 1.0 for Windows XP)
    KB873339 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB885836 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB886185 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB887472 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB888302 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB890859 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB891781 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB893756 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB893803V2 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB894391 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB896358 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB896423 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB896424 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB896428 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB898461 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB899587 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB899591 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB900485 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB900725 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB901017 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB901214 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB902400 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB904706 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB904942 on 10/08/2007 (details...)
    KB905414 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB905749 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB908519 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB908531 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB910437 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB911280 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB911562 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB911927 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB912919 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB913580 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB914388 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB914389 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB915865 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB916595 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    Windows XP
    SP3 (continued)
    KB917422 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB917953 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB918118 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB918439 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB919007 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB920213 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB920342 on 10/08/2007 (details...)
    KB920670 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB920683 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB920685 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB920872 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB921503 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB922582 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB922819 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB923191 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB923414 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB923694 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB923980 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB924191 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB924270 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB924667 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB925902 on 4/04/2007 (details...)
    KB926239 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB926255 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB926436 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB927779 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB927802 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB927891 on 23/05/2007 (details...)
    KB928255 on 11/03/2007 (details...)
    KB928843 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB929123 on 13/06/2007 (details...)
    KB929338 on 16/03/2007 (details...)
    KB930178 on 11/04/2007 (details...)
    KB930916 on 9/05/2007 (details...)
    KB931261 on 11/04/2007 (details...)
    KB931784 on 11/04/2007 (details...)
    KB931836 on 10/03/2007 (details...)
    KB932168 on 11/04/2007 (details...)
    KB933360 on 29/08/2007 (details...)
    KB933729 on 10/10/2007 (details...)
    KB935839 on 13/06/2007 (details...)
    KB935840 on 13/06/2007 (details...)
    KB936021 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB936357 on 11/07/2007 (details...)
    KB937894 on 12/12/2007 (details...)
    KB938828 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB938829 on 15/08/2007 (details...)
    KB941202 on 10/10/2007 (details...)
    KB941568 on 12/12/2007 (details...)
    KB942763 on 12/12/2007 (details...)
    KB943460 on 15/11/2007 (details...)
    KB944653 on 12/12/2007 (details...)
    IDNMITIGATIONAPIS on 10/03/2007 (Microsoft Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs)
    NLSDOWNLEVELMAPPING on 10/03/2007 (Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs)

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    Microsoft - Windows Defender 81664-825-5594667-04912 (Key: R2D43-3DHG9-DQ79W-W3DXQ-929DY)
    Microsoft - Windows XP Professional 55274-640-0054156-23561 (Key: JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ)

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    Stanley Huang - MediaCoder Version 0, 5, 1, 0 *
    Syntrillium Software Corporation - Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Uninstaller Version *
    Syntrillium Software Corporation - Cool Edit Pro Version 2.00 *
    Trend Micro Inc. - HijackThis Version 2.00.0002 *
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    Virtos GmbH - WaveEdit DLL Version 1, 0, 5, 0 *
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  5. Searching_ _ _

    Searching_ _ _ Registered Member

    Jan 2, 2008
    I would suggest, if you are trying to record, upgrading to professional audio cards. Sound Blaster just doesn't cut it for good quality recordings. M-Audio offers products from $80-$500, from usb to firewire. This combined with Cakewalk or many other progs, will get you studio quality recordings. Fruityloops, cubase, protools (the industry standard).
    Not sure if that is the direction you wanted to go.
    Try posting in Audio recording forums or SB forums if they have them.
  6. Hairy Coo

    Hairy Coo Registered Member

    Oct 19, 2007
    Northern Beaches

    Go to Playback Control-Options-Properties.

    Enable Recording and enable What U Hear-OK-.

    Next window is Record Control-Select What You Hear

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2008
  7. culla

    culla Registered Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    i use protools hardware and software in the studio this is my browse the net computer which i sometimes record radio online [when i had record what you hear]

    on this one i just record guitar ideas in cool edit pro

    i know that and if it was there its what i'd do but it ain't :(

    anyone sugest a good forum for this question and thanks for your help/time
  8. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    When you reinstalled teh Creative drivers, did you use the ones from teh CD or did you download the latest from the site?

    I suggest you try the latter.
  9. culla

    culla Registered Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    just checked at creative update and i have latest drivers
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