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    Jun 29, 2004
    something good to listen too

    this is the Seti Radio Show. to listen, copy the address of the show you want to listen to into your media player and tell it to play the URL, or you can download it instead then listen to it when the download has finished

    if you use Opera or a podcast program (ipodder is very good and free) and would like to be told when there's a new program as it's put on the site click here and subcribe.

    when you click on Feeds, in Opera, you can manage the shows you have subsrcibed to, telling it which ones you want to be notified about as they are put on their sites. when you click on one of the subscriptions, from feeds, it will look like the screenshot below. it's much easier to find a program you want to listen to this way (notice the scroll bar). when you click on one of the programs you will see the notes about the program. the one in the screenshot tells me "Einstein's general theory of relativity predicts strange things..." with the address of the program above it.

    i use this every day and listen to lots of great shows and watch some brilliant programs :)

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