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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by NielN, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. NielN

    NielN Registered Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    I downloaded 2,259 tonight and tried it, and some things have improved... TI9 no longer causes blue screen error messages when shutting down Win98SE. This is a good bug fix, and it was not mentioned on the list of improvements.

    I discovered some more things wrong...

    1. As a test after I installed 2,259, I told it to backup the My Documents folder to another partition. It started, and I waited for about 10 minutes (it was going to take a long time), so I clicked on Cancel. It brought up another screen to ask if I'm sure, and I clicked yes. It didn't stop. It went on it's merry way.

    I right clicked on the animated icon in the system tray, and clicked cancel. The animated icon stoped animating, but the progress continued. I tried canceling it by selecting the task in TI9 and canceling that, and the task dissapeared from the list, but the backup was still continuing (the high disk activity went on). I finally had to reboot to stop it.

    2. I tried it again to see if it is repeatable. I couldn't get it to happen again, but I did find out that if you cancel a backup and then try another backup, when you click the final proceed you get an error message in a window "TrueImage Service", and it won't proceed with the backup. You have to shut down TI9 and restart it to make it work. This IS repeatable.

    3. When after selecting what to backup and starting the operation, there is a summary screen that shows what you've asked it to do, and listed before "Description", is "{11}{13}". I don't know what this means, but it's probably not meant for customers to see.

    4. There's still no better instructions on the rescue disc creation to tell people to have the drawer open with media in it before clicking "Proceed". My system won't create the disk unless it is done this way.

    It was good to see progress with 2,259. I looks like in a few more releases the program will be ready for prime time.

  2. If it's the SNAPMAN Blue Screen of Death you're talking about, here's
    a fix I made after abandoning trying to install True Image 9 and going
    back to 8 (where I'll stay until the fixing process seems to have reached
    some kind of reasonable conclusion).

    My install froze at, I assume, a point near the end, with TI 9 created
    but not usable due to the serial number bug pointed out elsewhere.
    This meant Windows 98SE couldn't de-install TI 9, so I reinstalled
    TI 8 in the same file and hoped for the best (if the best had not
    been forthcoming, I had Secure Zone and DVD images to use). I
    got functionality of TI 8, but still got the SNAPMAN problem. I
    searched my whole machine for files with SNAPMAN in them, and
    which all had later dates than in my latest Secure Zone backup.
    I restored all three from the Secure Zone, including for good measure
    TIMOUNTER_9XDEL.INF in the last case.

    The Blue Screen problem has now gone away. Doubtless there are
    countless other files the TI 9 aborted install fiddled with all over the
    place, but I'll keep my fingers crossed until something fails somewhere.

    DARYLTRN Registered Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    Hello Anthony.

    Thank your very much for the reply you posted in the thread I opened a few days ago ("TI9 - Shutdown problems with WIN98 SE",, suggesting that I should read your recent message above, in this new thread.

    I am aswering you here, so as to avoid cross-posting, and also because I have reason to believe that my answer is pertinent to this thread, where the improvements since the previous build are discussed.

    Since I installed new build 2259 on WIN98SE, it seems that most, if not all, the shutdown issues associated to SNAPMAN have disappeared.

    Nonetheless, I must confess that I am still far from feeling safe with TI9; in another post of mine (
    I wrote about the strange problems I am having with the size of the archives, the "completed with errors" message that I'm still getting whenever I create images by using the rescue CD, etc.

    Therefore, I am continually upgrading and downgrading between TI8 and TI9 (needless to say, I have put aside a full backup, just in case things go worse than expected, and I have to completely restore my system).

    The solution you've found to get rid of the SNAPMAN problem will surely prove useful, should I have to deal with such problem again in the future; I've taken a note of it, and I would like to thank you for your help. I've highly appreciated it!

  4. You're welcome. After considering the many things that might have been
    messed up by the abortive TI 9 installation, and might be lurking waiting
    for me to do something or other and trip over them, I saved my current
    mail and news directories, restored C: from my precautionary TI 8 save
    just before trying to install TI 9, updated the mail and news directories
    to the present, and feel noticeably safer. When (or if?) I install TI 9
    again, it will be only after reading here that nobody has found anything
    at all significant wrong with it for a reasonable period of time.

    Backup software, after all, has to be the most trustworthy software on
    anyone's computer. TI 9 is somewhere at an interstellar distance from
    such trustworthiness in its present state.
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