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  1. cet

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    Sep 3, 2006
    I have been using debian 9 since it came out.I was using debian 8 and Ubuntu before that.I am a regular desktop user.Last week I decided to try out Linux Mint,Manjaro,Suse,Ubuntu budgie,Antergos ,Solus Budgie....and more.Oh I fell in love with Solus 4 budgie.But it is a rolling release.From what I have read in the forums I could not find any major problems about being a rolling release.I want to use it as the only system on my desktop.Since it is new (from 2016 and on) does it have any security flaws? Can I use it for online banking out of the box; Or what settings do I have to change?I would like to have recommendations because I really think that distro is made for me.The colors,simple desktop ,simplicity easy usage and elegance.
  2. Soft Life

    Soft Life Registered Member

    Aug 10, 2018
    United States
    Solus is growing and its worth it.

    The software download center is sweet. It even has Steam on it and installed it fine with a click. I love the built in Open VPN in the lower right corver. All I did was load a config file from my AirVPN config page and I can get on the VPN in seconds with as many choices as I want to load. I even loaded Bitwarden fine. I am using KeepassXC too which was in the dl center.

    I love this damn thing and honestly have no reason to go back to windows except if I want to game. I'm sticking with this distro with no end in site.
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