SolarWind TFTP install on W2K3 Server

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Dobermann, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Dobermann

    Dobermann Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2004

    I have a pretty virgin install of Windows 2003 Server that I don't think I have changed/added/deleted anything on since I originally installed it many years ago. I am, therefore, very nervous about adding anything to it and having to deal with problems because of that.

    I now have a notebook that does not have an A: drive and whose CD drive is dying so it only reads intermittently. BIOS only permits A:, C:, CD or PXE Boot From LAN. I now have learned that I need TFTP installed on my server for the LAN boot to work. From my other readings, I have read that SolarWind would be a good free choice.

    Before I install it, I wanted to ask the master minds here:

    A) Would SolarWind be your TFTP free product of choice? If not, what is your choice?

    B) What should I do before beginning the install (beside a backup just in case)?

    C) Anything else I need to know about enabling my DHCP server to do TFTP so I can boot from LAN?

    D) After successful TFTP installation, would it be possible to put images of each of my computers on the server and be able to do full image restores of each one separately based upon their own backup? Perhaps using Acronis?

    Thank you!

    PS - I found this guide:
    and thought of doing it via a clean XPP box, but my goodness, that sure is a lot of work in the guide!
Thread Status:
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