Solarin "Sirin" phone - " military grade encryption"

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by quietman, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Earth .... occasionally
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    Count me out, too.

    I'd be thinking about a Blackphone or an UnaPhone Zenith (from the Tutanota email people), perhaps plus a separate ordinary Android Tablet or smartphone for my Google Play apps.

    I freely admit I am no technical expert, but I didn't notice any explanation that I found extremely impressive about the "Sirin" phone in the links you provided.

    I note their use of the term "Military Grade encryption", and I wonder if it just marketing hype, because I have read this:-

    ``Military Grade''
    Many crypto vendors claim their system is ``military grade.'' This is a meaningless term, since there isn't a standard that defines ``military grade,'' other than actually being used by various armed forces. Since these organizations don't reveal what crypto they use, it isn't possible to prove or disprove that something is ``military grade.''

    Unfortunately, some good crypto products also use this term. Watch for this in combination with other snake oil indicators, e.g., ``our military-grade encryption system is exportable from the US!''

    Source for above:-

    Regarding "Military Grade" encryption, anyway, I suspect that a lot of encryption used by the Military does not need to be all that secure, a lot of "Military Secrets" may need to be kept secret for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, like planned troop movements, (Remember the 1st Gulf War, General "Stormin' Norman" and the news blackout that took place for a MERE 48 hours, or even that Air Force strike that only needs to be kept secret until only tomorrow.

    It's the espionage, the Deep Undercover Spy type stuff, the human rights workers operating long term in very hostile environments, the socially demonised (in the West or abroad), and the Snowden types that need the heavy-duty encryption, who need secrets to be secure for decades, not weeks or days, amongst others.

    I think "Spy-Grade encryption" might be a more apt term than "Military-Grade encryption" for heavy-duty encryption.
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    Personally I am using Copperhead OS. It loads on a Nexus 6P and is rock stable. The good news is that it is here and available now and Free. Copperhead lack of the use Military Grade encryption inspires confidence in their skill set. If you read their technical overview it is not sexy and lacks marketing hype. This is a plus for me.

    I am sure if you really want to spend $14,000 the developers for Copperhead would appreciate the donation.