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  1. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Does nod32 (v2.7.39) w/BlackSpear's extra settings consider the cleaner app SmitFraudFix.exe a potentially unwanted/hazardous application? I do not see any pop-up warning at all, so I may have something else locked down too tight! :thumb:
    Every attempt to get it ends with a "The connection with the server was terminated abnormally." o_O

    I need this tool to try and clean a nephew's badly infected PC (SmitFraud-c, Virus Heat,, Zlob.DNSChanger/, Myway.MyWebSearch, FunWebProducts, etc.) :blink: :blink:
    [The nephew is a "computer expert" and "knows everything!:D ]

    Not tossing a critique. If my system is locked down too tight, so be it. I will try and get the tool again in an hour or so when I go back to the machine for round two!
    Thank you for any ideas.
  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Sure , it is detected . But actually as Potentially unsafe application.

    That is because BS's settings are made to automatically stop threats . Unless you have set the browser to Higher efficency , you won't see any warning , just the dangerous download is blocked.


    Open your Settings for :
    - AMON
    - IMON

    and make sure detection for Pot. UnSafe applications is unchecked . Or simply stop temporary AMON and IMON , download the exe file , copy it to your USB/ or burn it to a disk , then re-enable IMON and AMON
  3. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you HiTech_boy!
    That was it! Oh! Thank You ESET!!!
    Did the temp disable, have the tool and am off to try and fix the nephew's PC. Also believe I will leave nod32 locked down tight a while longer! I now have another way to see nod32 helping keep my machine clean! Amazing! :D
  4. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    You are welcome !

    Wouldn't it be simpler to try to clean your friend's computer with a trial version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 3.0 or ESET Smart Security ?
  5. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Yes, I suppose it could be a good idea, but I do not believe it would be simpler in this instance. The 'friend' is my 17yr old Nephew; a 'computer expert.' ;) He is a convert from all things console. The pc is just another 'game' avenue. Argh! I am just the old Uncle, afterall. (I even remember being 17 also ;) )

    I thought about trying V3.0 on his computer, but, I'm afraid that the first time nod32 terminated some server connection, download, or email attachment even vaguely connected to his gameplay, poor old nod32 would get itself ripped not so gracefully out of the pc. Followed by the phone call about how, "That A/V business you put in the computer broke, and I had to 'fix' it. When are you going to come fix my pc?"..... :ouch:

    Round 2 of this clean-up is done. Not too bad really. 7 different trojans in 385 instances, 15 suspicious files (now in quarantine), and 3 suspect processes killed in the task manager. I still believe there is a baddie or two still hiding. If Spybot, malwarebytes, and AntiVir don't find them, I suspect the phone will ring (Round 3). There is a game session tomorrow night!!!! :shifty: Time will tell.......:shifty:
    Thank you for the suggestion.
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