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    Jul 31, 2003
    Designed to provide the user with the best computer experience possible, SmartFix is an all-in-one system and security repair tool that allows you to fix and eliminate the pesky bugs and problems that may slow down your computer via easy one-click menu options and a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, SmartFix adds an extra layer of protection against the security attacks and hazards of the Internet by repairing the security flaws on your system. To make your computer experience even smoother, an intelligent pop-up ad blocker is included to block those annoying spam pop-up and pop-under ads, as well as an easy-to-use system monitor taskbar that allows you to keep track of your computer's health.

    Features include:

    Fixes well-known and not so well-known Windows and Internet Explorer bugs and vulnerabilities
    Hardens system and network security to add an extra layer of protection against attacks.
    New process intrusion prevention feature added to monitor system behavior and detect unsafe applications such as viruses, worms, spyware, and other forms of malware
    New integrated online anti-virus feature so you can eliminate those malicious viruses and worms from your computer
    New integrated anonymous web surfing feature so you can surf the web without exposing your personal information
    New worm removal feature for eliminating deadly worms floating around the Internet
    Stylish system monitor taskbar that allows you to keep track of your computer's health.

    -Added Immunization against over 1000 spyware threats
    -Added protection and repair against the latest discovered vulnerabilities
    -Added detection and integration of Outpost firewall
    -Added Harden IE "Local Machine Zone" security
    -Improved worm and spyware protection functionality
    -Added Perform Clean Sweep on Computing History (available in pro version)
    -Improved integration and user-friendliness of anonymous web surfing feature

    To install, simply extract the files smartfx.exe into a temporary directory. Then run smartfx.exe to run the SmartFix application.

    To keep up to date with the latest fixes, go frequently to to download the latest SmartFix update.

    Freeware from

    The MUL
  2. Pigman

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    May 15, 2004
    Freeware, it it does all that? You gotta be kidding! :D :eek:
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