Simple copy HD to larger HD; I get "Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired Error code 0xc000000f

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  1. drjeff

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    Jul 13, 2015
    Howdy everyone,

    I have enough photos and pictures that I'm starting to fill my 2TB Sata HD that's on my Dell 8500. I figured I'd get a larger HD (4TB), use Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional, to copy everything over to the new HD and then boot up off of it.

    I guess I don't know enough to know how to do it right. I've gotten to the point via Disk Management (after the copying):
    I have Disk 0 (online) and Disk 1 (offline - because the disk has a "signature collision" with another disk that is online). All the partitions are exactly the same (everything looks like it copied over just fine) on the two drives except for the un-allocated 2TB's at the end of the new drive.

    How do I get the new drive to work?

    So I thought if I disconnected the old HD (so as to not mess up it's settings), and left the second HD connected, it would be able to boot up. Nope, I got the error 0xc000000f plus telling me to "recovery tools" (which I can't find). I don't want to do it wrong and end up losing everything on both drives cause I did it wrong. Help!
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    Sep 27, 2009