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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by probprince, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. probprince

    probprince Registered Member

    Aug 26, 2005
    Hello there,

    I'm running on xp service pack 2. After working on the computer for a long time clicking on Start and then Turn Off Computer isnt working. My mouse arrow turns into the hourglass thing and i cant click on anything else. :(

    Any help would be much appreciated.:)
  2. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Jun 30, 2004
    Garden State, USA
    Hi probprince,

    Based on nothing other than your initial post it sounds like the power supply. Before jumping to any conclusions though I'd like you to do some information gathering by performing the procedures outlined under "Checking the Operating System Configuration" and "Resolving Power Management Problems on x86-based Systems" located here - I'd like to be aware of any system referenced problems or conflicts and whether or not it's set to utilize either the standby and/or hibernate features. :cautious:

    Then take a careful look through this page - Resources to help troubleshoot shutdown problems in Windows XP. Concentrate your efforts on the second method 2 letting me know if any yellow question marks persist, and if capable, applying method 7 .... the recovery console's version of chkdsk. You might also consider telling me if this has recently started, been ongoing, how many periph's are attached, program updates, pc manufacturer including exact model ....

    In addition, enter: eventvwr.msc into a runbox > rt clk application and system one at a time then select "clear all events" for each. You'll have to make a few adjustment's by rt clking my previous mentions to bring up their properties dialog. On the general tab drop the max log size to 64kb (W's upload limit is 100kb or less), then switch to the filter tab. De-select info, success, and failure. Clk apply, OK. After a fresh reboot, save one of each .... "save as type" > .txt extension. For question's if I'm not around, refer to everything under "How to Filter Log Events" on this page -

    This will provide us with some fresh reports of what may be happening when shutdown attempt's it's exit. Just make sure the event log service is started and running (runbox: services.msc). Keep in mind what may be causing this hang at shutdown could very well be part of startup.

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