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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by zebis, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. zebis

    zebis Registered Member

    Feb 25, 2005
    Hey everyone,

    I have a question about Diamondcs, mainly concerning TDS-3 and the upcoming TDS-4. I have done alot of reading on TDS-3. VERY impressed i might add.

    My question is this,

    I have recently purchased Trend Micro Internet Security 2005, I have used this product in previous versions and really like the product. It has yet to let me down. What worries me is what it does not find.

    Can i use TDS-3 along with Trend Micro or is this just a little overboard on my part. I really don't want to have my pc disabled or trashed by some unkown, yet some already known threats.

    Is it really worth it for me and do you suggest i give it a try and can they work together.

    Anyones input on this would be very appreciated,


  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest


    Some remarks:

    You should use an AT (Anti-Trojan) along with your AV (Anti-Virus-program).
    It is all about a layered defence.

    TDS-3 is an extremely good AT !

    TDS-3 has an trial version.
    If you are interested, please download and install it.
    Then you will see in some way whether you like it.
    You should be aware however that the trial version of TDS-3 doesn't give you all the options that the licenced version gives you.
    The most important differences are:
    1- trial version has no resident (on-access) protection (the so-called Execution Protection).
    Trial version gives only on-demand option.
    2- trial version needs to be manually updated with new definitions.

    Give it a trial; you will not be disappointed.

    I hope that helps.
    Cheers, Jan.
  3. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    About the working together with other scanners:
    It is always best to close another scanner with it's resident protection to give the other scanner full access to all the files, which else might be unaccessable due to the other scanner.
    TDS is an exeption:
    It's only resident part exec protection only scans a file before allowing it to execute so it doesn't effect other scanners while scanning possible malicious files.

    There are no complications with TDS and other scanners, so go ahead testing it and ask your next questions :)
  4. Edwin024

    Edwin024 Registered Member

    Nov 14, 2004
    What is the difference between TDS and Ewido? Or are those packages similair?
  5. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Similar? No. TDS i can tell you a lot about, the other i never tried myself; you'll find lot of infor about that in the forums here.
    TDS is top of the AT products, on demand scanner with the largest detection database, exec protection scanning all executables before allowed to run thus protecting against installing of malware where many scanners find malware only once installed.
    Best to try it on your own system if you like TDS!
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