ShadowProtect and FirstDefense-ISR

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by ErikAlbert, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    Some members prefer to use a "FirstDefense-ISR Empty Snapshot" to re-install their computer from scratch, I prefer to use a "ShadowProtect Images" to re-install my computer from scratch and not just one image,
    but several images.

    1. WinXPproSP2A Image
    This image contains :
    a. WinXPproSP2, based on my original "WinXPproSP2 Installation CD".
    b. ATI/NVIDIA/CREATE-drivers/software
    c. WPA.DBL and WPA.BAK, which means that Windows is activated.
    d. Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)

    This is my basic image and is very important for me for several reasons :
    a. I don't have to re-install WinXPproSP2 manually anymore in the future.
    b. I don't have to re-install my drivers anymore to make things work properly.
    c. I never have to activate WinXPproSP2 via internet or phone again. What a relief.
    d. I can run Windows Update and download any MS Application of any kind without troubles.

    SP restores that image in less than 1 minut and I can restore that image at any time and create a new version of that image.

    When I install FirstDefense-ISR temporarily, I can also create an ARCHIVE of this IMAGE.
    This allows me to create a new and small snapshot in the future to do any kind of testing without having all my other softwares in this test snapshot.

    I can also use this archive to create a very small secondary off-line snapshot as refuge snapshot, like Peter did, if I want to do this. I probably won't do it, because I like my On/Off-line snapshot too much, but I have nevertheless the possibility to create it fast, if I ever change my mind and that is always possible in the future.

    I did NOT fully patch WinXPproSP2 on purpose, because that would DOUBLE the volume of my "WinXPproSP2A Image"
    I can do this much later at any time, when I really need a fully patched Windows.

    2. WinXPproSP2B Image
    This image = "WinXPproSP2A Image" + "Microsoft Office 2000 Professional"
    Although I prefer to see "MS Office" as a part of WinXPproSP2, I decided to create another image to keep my "WinXPproSP2A Image" as pure Windows Image.
    I certainly need "MS Office" to read the "installation files" of EACH free/paid software in order to install each software properly. I need at least the serial number for most paid softwares.
    All these files are stored on my Data Partition[D:]. So I can re-install any software from there. I can even use my Backup Partition[E:] for that purpose.

    3. WinXPproSP2C Image
    This image = "WinXPproSP2B Image" + "Total Uninstall"
    This is the basic image to create new images for my two permanent snapshots :
    1. On/Off-line Snapshot (only on-line to update/activate softwares, after that back Off-line).
    2. On-line Snapshot.

    4. WinXPproSP2D Image
    This image = "WinXPproSP2D Image" + "XPLite Pro" + "Tweaking Softwares"
    At this moment, I consider this as a test image.
    I consider "XPLite Pro" as 'dangerous', because it removes components from Windows with the possibility that my Windows would become unstable. So I have to be very carefully with "XPLite Pro".

    I did already one heavy test : I removed ALL possible components with "XPLite Pro", it even scared XPLite to do this.
    After this test, I still could boot into Windows but the layout of my desktop was completely changed.

    The "Tweaking Softwares" aren't dangerous, because they do nothing but valid changes, which can be done also without these Tweaking Softwares, if you know how and where to do it in Windows (registry, properties, ...)

    This is where I am right now.
    After my tweaking tests, I will create two new images for my two snapshots.
    1. "WinXPproSP2E Image" = On/Off-line Snapshot
    2. "WinXPproSP2F Image" = On-line Snapshot
    I only need to install FDISR temporarily to create an ARCHIVE of each snapshot.
    The advantage of these two ARCHIVES is that they are VERY CLEAN.
    So I will only use them for restore, not for daily archiving.
    If I ever get in trouble, I can restore these two archives to get my clean computer back.
    If these two archives are corrupted, I can create them back via my images.

    Another advantage is that can avoid any SECOND activation of any software in the future, because the second activation will be ALWAYS a problem with any software. Big smile.

    This way of working has also another advantage : I'm not stucked with ShadowProtect forever.
    SP is at this moment #1, but that won't last forever. Records are there to be broken and one day SP won't be #1 anymore.
    I only need to restore all these images one time with ShadowProtect and backup these images with my new Image Backup software.

    You can't do all this with an "Empty Snapshot".

    Any bad or good comments and certainly the bad comments are welcome. You can't hurt my feelings. :)
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  2. lucas1985

    lucas1985 Retired Moderator

    Nov 9, 2006
    France, May 1968
    Can't you read them with Notepad or Wordpad or any good text editor?
    Microsoft Word Viewer 2003
  3. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    NO, because I can't store LINKS, neither in Notepad, nor Wordpad.
    I need those links to visit the home page, to access my personal account (username + password), for downloading the latest version.
    I also can't store screenshots in Notepad or Wordpad and I like to have EVERYTHING in one document.
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  4. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    Sep 20, 2003
    What I do Erik, is I save license info into a text file, and save screenshots into a PDF file.

    Otherwise not a bad plan. I don't need it, but I see it as a good plan for what you are trying to do.
  5. Laramie

    Laramie Registered Member

    Aug 4, 2007
    Wow! Erik that is thorough I am not sure I need that degree but I need more than I have. IIRC you used TI at one time but now you use SP? I just bought TI and FDISR and another HD and am reading the forum to figure what I should do. I started a thread if you guys have time would you take a peek. I would appreciate any help you could give.
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