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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by sired, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. sired

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    Feb 5, 2010
    We discussed Shadow Defender under the Deep Freeze thread so on Osaban's suggestion I opened an SD thread.

    Last point on the DF thread re SD -

    'Odd thing with a 2 year old database app ... when the data file is in exclusions SD eats it on reboot, no sign of it anywhere on the HD. The file path remains in exclusions but vanishes from its folder location & the database searches in vain after reboot.. No problem in commit'

    I think I'll let that file run under SD as the data file gets updated online by Yahoo so that takes care of that. If that doesn't work, online storage might be the answer as with Xmarks for FF but I haven't seen any one-click online file backup/storage services along the lines of Xmarks for proprietary data files yet. For non sensitive data online updating is a great solution but to work seamlessly it has to be built into the app, I think.

    Re Mozilla, till today I had Mozilla folders in the Exclusion area then thought about Xmarks again which I'd written off till I tested it again properly. Once the account is set up & their server loaded with your bookmarks & passwords all changes to FF bookmarks running in Shadow Mode are sync'd to the server with a single click. Booting out of SD returns your bookmarks to their pre-session state but at the next session one sync click brings all changes back & in place in a few seconds. Fast & transparent. A mild concern is Xmarks' security & the risk of infection but running in Shadow Mode that should not be possible, would you agree?

    Plan is to run as LUA under SD with near zero day-to-day changes in settings & configurations. If this model works out over the next month I'll strip the thing down to bare bones, reinstall on new disks & clone to backup disks.

    btw, yesterday I borrowed a Windows 7 copy & a scan detected 52 TR/Agents in the SVI after installing. A record?
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