Several issues using nod32 v3.0.551.0

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by GAN, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Mar 3, 2007
    Every time i access a share on another computer i get an error message in the event log that says: "A driver packet received from the I/O subsystem was invalid. The data is the packet.". The Event ID is 6004 and this is the explanation from Microsoft: "The driver is functioning properly but is logging incorrectly formatted packets in the event log.". Anyone else seen this as well? I had the same issue on two computers. Never had this problem using 2.7 and don't believe i had this issue using 3.0 RC1 either. When browsing a share on another computer i get a lot of those in the event log and guess it's not a big issue, but would be nice to get rid of those errors.

    EDIT: Seems like i get a lot of event ID 3019 in the event log as well when connecting to shares on other computers: "The redirector failed to determine the connection type". Seems like this can be ignored, but never saw any of these in the event log using nod32 2.7.

    Another issue is when i choose to add the footer that says the message was checked by....etc to all mail (not only infected) using outlook it seems like the Paragraph/spacing in the footer is set to auto on incoming mail and that is about 15pt. With this spacing and also an empty line inbetween each line that footer seems like it's 11 lines in total with several blank lines between the text. It's suddenly not a small footer anymore. Maybe this is some settings in outlook, but never had this issue using nod32 2.7. Not sure why it's necessary with the blank lines inbetween either since it's supposed to be a small footer. For the record the normal template (outlook 2007) i have the default settings set to spacing "0 pt" before and after. I would also prefer to have a single line that says the mail is scanned for threats and not 3. The URL to eset should also be removed i think. Why not add the option to customize the footer?

    I would also like to be able to add this footer without having the "ESET NOD32 Antivirus" toolbar in outlook, but seems like that is not possible. The only way to get rid of the toolbar in outlook is to remove the "integrate into Microsoft outlook" check in nod32, but then it's not possible to add the footer either. Using nod32 v.2.7 it's possible to add the footer without a toolbar in outlook.

    The last and most annoying issue is that using nod32 2.7 had the option to run a windows gui command line scanning. Like when using windows live messenger and a download manager i used to have virus scanning with different options then the realtime scanning after the file transfer/download is finished. Using nod32 v.3.0 it seems like the only option is "ecls.exe" which is a dos window command line utility that doesn't have any option to pause the output so cannot see what happen and doesn't log to the standard log in the GUI either. So using ecls.exe if a virus is found i can have the file removed, but nothing is shown in the GUI and no popup with a virus warning and since the dos window is closed when the scan is done (happen so fast) i cannot see what actually happen. I can create logfile that i can open in case the file is removed to see why, but this is pretty useless and not what i want. I guess what i want is a windows gui command line scanning utility that show popups when threats is found and log to the same log as found in the GUI. I find it a bit disappointing they don't have a windows GUI that can be used for command line scanning with the new release and cannot understand why eset choose to remove such a features in the new release when available in the previous release.
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