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Discussion in 'ten-forward' started by Marja, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Marja

    Marja Honestly, I'm not a bot!!

    Mar 8, 2004
    In the Vast Fields of My Mind
    Since everyone seems to be confused about the changes in 10-F-

    I propose a thread dedicated exclusively to 'having senior moments', as 'Chise described them..

    Namely THIS THREAD!
    (With Admin/Mod approval, of course, I am looking for a solution not to create a big problem.....)

    That way, everyone can post what they 'think' or ask questions without reprecussions.

    Mainly to get the questions, guessing, flame posting, aggravation and 'wondering' off the agenda, and back into the "Openness" most expect from the Wilders' Forums!!
    (Hopin' here..)

    Anyone NOT caring about 10-F or what we 10-Forward Stalwarts like to call OUR JOBS...can stay away from this thread, realizing it's the Black Hole of Ten Forward.

    In the meantime, maybe members and staff can hash out some specific
    details ...most of us KNOW what you mean, but, it's better to have
    definite parameters to what can degenerate into "hangers on" at the party.
    (GREAT analogy, by the way!!)


    LIke NO bashing someone over and over? OK,that's a start, and justifiably so!!

    A rhetorical question to someone in a thread, one you KNOW isn't going to be answered on the thread....that's a non-issue...Really!

    No getting off the point of the thread subject, makes great sense!

    If you like someone THAT much, PM them....Please!!!! We don't want to know!!

    We already know- no porno, no foul language, no religion, no politics-Fine!

    I ASK YOU! - "What's left to argue over?"o_O

    We are all Bigger than this, we CAN find a viable solution to keep the fun
    going - it might take a little more brain power and Wit, but- face it, not many dumb people come to a Security Forum and STAY!!:rolleyes:

    You know-ALL of us know, what gets dreary, but, face it, there are just
    TOO many GREAT comedic talents here to just lose them to another forum..
    most likely one that won't appreciate the 'comebacks' anyway.

    There are forums that 'vet' complaints, not sure that will be better, it could get personal, which IMO IS chatroom chatter....the little bars, if you go over the line too many times?

    All we really need is a little more Defintion to the new rules.....

    With Admin/Mod approval - I would like to open this dialog to anyone
    who has an opinion?
    Granted we may not agree - but, I am not sure about that....
    Keeping communication open is the Best Way to a resolution!

    This "mystery" is only hurting feelings and taking away the Joy of
    Mirth, Companionship and Laughter....and
    like 'Chise says, without Laughter, what's left?

    We ALL need some silliness in our lives to just stay half way sane and productive.....and it's good for your Health, that's a Scientific Fact!
    (I Googled it, yea, a 10-F constituent knows how to Google!:rolleyes: )

    I and the others, also, visit the Upper Realms of Tekdom, but, our expertise isn't enough to help anyone, well, maybe a few do.......but, we take our jobs down yonder seriously - in that we want to Lighten Your Stress Life.
    OK! We like to joke around too, but, that's a part of LIVING!

    My opinion, My solution, but it needs the INPUT of all of us, who Love Wilders' and want Peace, Knowledge, Open Minds and Laughter....:)

  2. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    Please understand opinions of members has always been valued and under most circumstances allowed to be expressed. of the areas where this has not been true is letting members debate forum policies, what we do or don't allow....etc.

    That in no way is meant to be is simply a fact. All I can do is reiterate what was mentioned in this post and that's to say just hang in there Please. There will be forthcoming information outlining or explaining further what direction 10F will be taking.

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