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Discussion in 'Other ESET Home Products' started by nordeide, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. nordeide

    nordeide Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2008
    Bergen, Norway

    I am creating an install package of NOD32 v3 Business to be pushed out through the ERA Console (v2.0.110). It is to be used with laptop computers.

    In the Configuration setup, I have set up two update profiles, InOffice, which receives update from the internal mirror, and OutOfOffice, which receives updates from the Internet, using the username/password provided with the license.

    However, I cannot find where to set the NOD32 client to use the OutOfOffice profile when the internal server is unavailable, that is, when the laptop is out of the house.
    In NOD32 v2.7, I could set this through NOD32 System Tools - Schedule/Planner - Regular automatic update:edit and then select InOffice as promary profile and OutOfOffice as alternative profile.

    Where do I find those settings in NOD32 v3 Business and in the Configuration Editor in ERAS? Or will NOD32 v3 automatically switch to the secondary profile? Hope so...

  2. PRJUS

    PRJUS Registered Member

    Sep 13, 2007
    It's exactly the same in 3.0.

    You can find the Special Settings in the Configuration Editor.

    One thing that may trick some people is that you have to select Secondary Profile, change it to User-defined value and then write the name you are using instead of "User-defined value".

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