Selecting new image location dialog: Next button always disabled

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by New User, Sep 16, 2004.

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    While creating new partition (disk) image the steps are:

    1) Selecting partitions for backup
    2) Selecting image mode - complete or incremental
    3) Selecting image location - Acronis Secure Zone, hard disk, network disk, removable drive.

    In this step, the pdf documentation file (section 4.3) states that:

    Select the image location in the disk tree. In the File name field, enter image file name. If you select Acronis Secure Zone, you don't have to provide a name.

    If there's already an image file with that name, Acronis True Image will ask if you want to overwrite it.

    It is this step 3 that I'm having trouble with. This problem occurs only when I boot from the CD and not if I create backup from within Windows ME.

    While backing up in complete (not incremental) mode to a hard disk, no matter what image location I chose and what filename I type, the Next button never gets enabled. Even the screen capture of this step in the pdf help file (section 4.3) shows what I'm trying to say. The image location is chosen and the new image filename is typed but the Next button is disabled.

    However there is no problem with incremental backup at all. In fact, I created a new empty text file (Right-click > New > Text Document) and renamed it to "MyBackup.tib" from Windows. Then I booted from the CD, chose incremental backup and selected "MyBackup.tib". TI said that it was not a valid TI image and that it will create a full backup and overwrite MyBackup.tib. This was how I created my backup booting from the CD.

    What am I missing while creating new complete image? Any explanations will be appreciated.
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    It seems that I am alone in having this problem :(
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