Security) accessing other drive on windows

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    Mar 31, 2016
    Hello :) have some questions about security measure on accessing internal and external drive, which needs further information since i cant find any more info on it from what ive read.

    What precautions can we take upon, a must to accessing external drive (mainly to access media datas) where we cant be sure about the safety of all datas contained.

    From what i've read it's to turn off autorun and have antivirus software activated.

    Does it mean then it will be safe to accessing any media file there? Or is there more to it? Ive read theres an exploit, such as buffer overflow and dep, aslr, nx. But no system is perfect.

    Secondly about internal drive, Do windows security and antivirus and other security software act more loose on internal drive than external drive?
    Such as the feature to Turn off auto run for external drive. But for internal drive, does it means everything could autorun unknowingly, hidden, etc?

    What if the case is, one cant be sure of the safety of one of the internal drive. Would having an activated antivirus program, firewall is ok enough?

    What other preventive method can i take?

    Thank you in advanced for any information.
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