Script Blocker for Chrome - someone like Script Defender.I don't know how to use

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  1. hvt

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    Aug 3, 2014
    I am chinese user.I only know a little english. Forgive me won't reply your threads.

    Script Blocker for Chrome - someone like Script defender
    download address:

    As we all know the author of Script defender shut down the project from chrome webstore without any reason.Today i found a chrome extension like Script Defender.It's called Script Blocker for Chrome.But bigger than Script Defender(65KB).Script Blocker for Chrome is 840KB.I always believe the bigger size the bigger memory usage.

    Script Defender ended in ver 4.0.And the author didn't fix the big bug.When you use Script Defender in chrome's incognito mode.All your setting didn't work until you restart chrome.It means Script Defender can't run well in chrome's incognito mode.

    I didn't use Script Blocker for Chrome.I find it today.And i don't know how to use it.If you want to try something new you can download and install it.Enjoy!
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    Since it's apparently made by the same author of Script Defender extension, I am sure its performance shouldn't differ much. Last time I tried Script Defender it was too strong (e.g. blocking smileys in SMF-based forum even after I allowed the whole domain, never had that problem with other script filtering extensions I've tried from what I can remember). Anyway, thanks for the info. :)
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