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    Nov 19, 2006
    After using the new Comodo firewall for a week or so my second XP home partition refused to connect to the internet at all. Comodo failed to show up or turn on so I believe it has something to do with Comodo.

    These were all shut down:

    1. Microsoft Download site

    2. Internet Explorer

    3. Fire FoX browser

    4. AT&T browser

    I could have re-imaged but instead tried a repair from a different (my "spare parts" XP partition). I opened Windows Explored and went into the spare parts partition and opened Internet Explorer from it's Windows Folder location.

    Yes it did 'boot' up into the internet and from there I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 to attempt a repair (This has worked before on corrupted partitions, but with files from its own partition itself).

    Internet Explorer 7 was downloaded (it took longer than usual but I believe that IE7 repairs a corrupted IE6) and "RUN" (as using the IE7 CD did not work). After rebooting as requested the "no internet" XP partition was now working correctly!

    A Comodo window asked if a repair or a reinstall was wanted, so I chose the repair and then Comodo now also works OK.

    IE7 D partition.JPG

    I realize this tricky use of applications from a non booted XP partition can cut both ways and end up causing trouble, but with a large partition it can save time enough to use the partition very fast (and later restore if necessary).

    Not for the faint of heart or the extra cautious I would think. But another workaround using DD10 formed partitions.

    Note: the IE Explorer.exe icon from the IE7 folder is from a different XP partition but allows itself to be opened (just double click it) on a XP partition where the internet does not work at all.

    IE7 somehow repairs the 'services' needed to get connected to the internet in this case.
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