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  1. Beach

    Beach Registered Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    My Dad just purchased TrueImage 8 last week, and I set it up for him. I ran a full image, then went back and set up a schedule for him. Now he is on vacation right now, no Internet connected. I have it set to do an Imcremental, compressed High each time it runs.
    Here is my question. TI8 has run every day. No problem. But, everytime TI8 runs, it adds another compressed file that is around 80megs in size. How can that happen? No one is using the computer, but TI8 adds 80 megs a day in size.
    Also, if TI8 has to do a restore, does it attach all these files when it does a restore?? I'm thinking about buying this for my office to do backups, but I can't have this kind of problem happening. TIA :'(
  2. Ed Y

    Ed Y Registered Member

    Oct 18, 2004
    Does your Dad's machine have a defrag running daily??
  3. foghorn

    foghorn Registered Member

    Aug 7, 2004
    Leeds, England
    I have wondered about a similar situation myself. I have a partition dedicated to files I use for work - as far as I know there is nothing running which should affect this on the day's that I do not work - it is just data, no OS files or installed programmes. However I get a 40MB incremental file even on days when I have not been near the machine. Since I have a rolling backup the diskspace is not a problem to me, I am just curious about what might be happening. I do not run any scheduled defragmenting.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who runs a scheduled backup and produces a 0 byte incremental file on days when they do not use their machine, or from someone who can explain what might be happening in my scenario.

  4. ?Jim

    ?Jim Guest

    I do full-image backups daily (except when the TI scheduler fails, which is often!), and my images seem to grow about 40Mb daily on a 22Gb image. There's no way my systems generate 40Mb more data every day, and I'm not running a defragger or other process that would account for it.

    Something's weird about this.
  5. Beach

    Beach Registered Member

    Nov 7, 2004
    No, Defrag is not running. Someone mentioned to just run a full Image, then schedule an Incremental daily, then on the seventh day, shedule a full backup. I did that, now things are really messed up.
    Now I can't run a full image because I get an error saying that the RPC is not running. Booted several times, same result. Tried to "delete" the schedule, TI shuts down with an error each time.
    So I deleted TI, ran RegCleaner, reinstalled, and when I did, the "Task" is still in there. Again, try to delete the task, its shuts TI down. Now any ideaso_O
  6. heckennen

    heckennen Guest

    It's just that easy:

    Windows NT, that means:

    Windows NT 3.1, 3.50, 3.51
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows NT 5.0 (Which is called Windows 2000 by MS marketing)
    Windows NT 5.1 (Which is called Windows XP by MS marketing)
    Windows NT 5.2 (Which is called Windows Server 2003 by MS marketing)
    is a main frame type operating system.

    It's not as static as other operating systems and works in background all day long. Even booting results in a lot of write operations to files that ware READ, because there are 3 file dates and one is the date when the file was last accessed. Disk cache will be flushed every x minutes. Also a lot of registry entries or even complete hives will be rewritten (last known good and so on). So in case YOU do nothing -- the system will do a lot of things...
    So you nowhere will find a system with 0 byte incremental backup files.
    In case you defined a job starting during power off just press the escape key if YOU decide that there is nothing to backup, because YOU didn't make any changes to the system.

    Please do not mix up Windows NT with Windows "OT" Operating Systems.
    Windows "OT" (=Windows "Old Technology")
    They all have the SAME Technology, they all are 16 bit operating systems, but they definitely do not BASE on MS-DOS. But they can use resources supplied by MS-DOS
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