SBIE2305 Out of memory

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by oma53, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. oma53

    oma53 Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    I have posted the 2 messages below to the Sandiboxie Forum with no response so far.
    I have had to take SB off of my system and I am anxious to find the problem and put it back on.
    Does anyone here have any ideas please?

    “”””“For the last 2 days my system displays the following problem.
    After going online for approx 5 – 10 min, a widow will pop up with the above message.
    Then my browser will disappear.
    There is increased HD activity for the last couple of minutes before the crash.
    I use Firefox and IE. (both crash)
    I am running XP Pro with all the current updates (SP3)
    Sandboxie 3.40
    I have ran the following to check for viruses/malware:
    Avira Rescue CD
    Dr Web Rescue CD
    AVG 8.5 (paid)
    Windows Defender
    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
    They all come up clean.
    Please note that AVG is normally the only real time program that I have running. The others are configured to run on demand.
    I have also uninstalled SB an reinstalled.
    I have searched the forum but I have not found an answer that pertained to my situation.
    Thanks in advance.””””

    “”””I am just trying different things to see what happens.
    When I go onto the internet the following things happen:
    Unsandboxed = no problems
    With Sandboxie = continuous HD activity until I get the out of memory error and the browser crashes.
    I have not changed any program or settings that I know of.
    I have done the following for the third time now.
    Uninstall SB (check to make sure everything was gone, folders, etc)
    Run CCleaner
    Defrag HD
    Re-boot system
    Reinstall SB
    I depend on SB very much for my security and do not want to browse the internet without it.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.””””
  2. LenC

    LenC Registered Member

    Jul 25, 2006
    CT, USA
    I can't help you but someone will. One thing you should do is to post a description of your hardware and OS - people will need that info to help you
  3. stapp

    stapp Global Moderator

    Jan 12, 2006
    Are there any errors shown in the windows Event Viewer?

    Did you reinstall the same SB installer or download a new one?
  4. oma53

    oma53 Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    Thank you fore the replies.

    I have used a new installer every time.
    My firewall and AV are turned off for install also.

    When I start any browser, it runs fine for a short while. I then notice an increase in HD activity. Soon the activity is so severe; I can not open or close any program. Then the browsers will crash. The task manager at this time shows the CPU usage as only 1 to 2%.(if I can get it to open since the increased activity will freeze this also)
    The event viewer does not show any problems.

    I have also taken the HD out of my computer and installed it in an external enclosure to take to a couple of friends systems.
    One has Norton, the other Avast. Both showed the drive as being clean.
    The only new program was Alibre, which is a CAD program. There have been no problems with this program since install.
    I am not blaming SB for the problem since it ran fine for all this time. I am just trying to figure out what may be causing this issue with my system.
    Again, if I uninstall SB, I can be on the internet all that I want and there is no increase in HD activity.
  5. oma53

    oma53 Registered Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    Found the problem for my system.

    In windows task manager I enabled the Virtual Memory Size to be shown.

    Start Firefox sandboxed
    After 11 min 1,078,484K

    Start Firefox no sandbox
    After 10 min slight change up and down

    Start Firefox sandboxed and no AVG safe search

    After 10 min slight change up and down

    Times are with the browser running but just sitting there with no browsing.

    I was wrong about IE.
    While it did crash, it was after the original problem with FF and I should have rebooted my system.
    I use FF and I would only try IE after I had the problem with FF.
    Definitely an error on my part in not checking this more thoroughly in stating that IE was included.

    With AVG Safe Search disabled in my browser, I have been on the web for approx 30 min and the VM size has only increased slightly. So far, 42,364 is the highest it has been.

    My AVG is version 9 currently.
    The original problem started when AVG 8.5 had just had a program change. I have forgotten what the exact update was. Most of my friends disable this feature in AVG and at this point I assume this is the problem, for my system anyway.

    Hope this helps if someone else has the same issue.
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