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Discussion in 'General Returnil discussions' started by waters, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. waters

    waters Registered Member

    Nov 8, 2004
    I am confused on a couple of things
    How do i change the size of Virtual disk ,if i want to increase it after i have set it
    I use utorrent and want to save the files in downloads and utorrent
    I can choose the folders but the files are not saved that i download after reboot.I cant select the files beforehand because they have yet to be downloaded.
    Also how do you commit now,and save files or folders while protection is on ,like with Shadow defender
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  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Sep 18, 2006
    Hello waters and welcome to the forum :)

    Open RVS 2010 and then click Tools > Virtual Disk tab and then:

    1. Open your Virtual Disk in My Computer and then backup or save any content you want to save currently in the VD

    2. Go back to the RVS GUI and then select to dismount the Virtual Disk if it is mounted.

    3. Next, select "remove" to delete your current VD

    4. After this is complete, click the "create" link to make a new, larger VD

    5. Restore the files you backed up in #1 above

    I am not familiar with the operation of specific P2P programs so cannot provide a click stream here. What you would need to do however is to change where the torrents are saved on your computer to a non-system partition or disk. Considering that P2P content has inherent risks (may be infected, etc), the use of a data drive for this purpose would keep that potential content away from your real system.

    If you are determined to save this content on your system partition (My Downloads, Downloads depending on version of Windows), you can make use of the File Manager in the Home Lux version of RVS 2010 (requires licensing). If you are using the Home Free or unregistered free versions however, your only choice will be a non-system disk or partition when System Safe virtualization is active.

    RVS deals with files and folders as distinct objects as we have no way to determine user intent beforehand. This means, as you have noted, that just selecting a folder will not save the files within that folder. This means that the files need to be selected individually.

    In the case where you do not know the files beforehand, you would simply download them as you normally would and then:

    Paid versions: Add the files to your File Manager list post download and then save them en mass to the real disk.

    Free versions: Instead of saving them through the File Manager, you would select all of the appropriate files in the folder and then move them to a non-system disk or partition (RVS Virtual Disk is a valid choice here) so they are not lost at restart of your computer.

    See commentary above

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