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  1. C-EL CID

    C-EL CID Guest

    Purchased a brand new computer with SATA array.

    Had the immediate first job of obliterating the useless recovery sector,having demanded a proper set up disk (Yee Gods.What is the world coming to.Isn't £2,500 enough for these people?!!)

    I'd planned to slip in the CD containing Acronis's Privacy Expert wiping programmes and format the drive.It refused to load.It loads on all my other PCs,so I'm assuming this is a problem with SATA/Acronis?

    Secondly,having formatted instead with QTParted and clean installed XPSP 1a,I tried to create an image of the OS after applying the usual tweaks and essential security measures.
    True Image simply confronted me with a red X and immediately announced imaging had failed.

    What steps do I need to take in order to run Acronis software on a SATA set up.I'm assuming this is in some way the problem.I have never had an array before,so would be grateful for any suggestions how to get it all working.

    Many thanks,

    C-EL CID
  2. C-EL CID

    C-EL CID Guest

    Not to worry.I have read several threads here regarding SATA and Acronis.Seems I'm on a hiding to nothing.

    I have since decided upon an alternate solution.Since I hardly use XP,there seems little point in keeping it on all my computers.So,I'll keep a minimal install of XP on the AMD Duron.I already have an image I can successfully restore from,and know that creating further images is not problematic on that particular set up.

    The rest of the machines are now 100% Linux.It would be more convenient to have an imaging programme,but I can do what I used to do before I had such luxury-simply burn all my important stuff onto CD using any of the excellent onboard Linux burning facilities.

    There's always a first time,I know,but without wishing to tempt fate I can say I have yet to have a Linux box crap out on me.Meaning,I'm not hysterical over not being able to ghost the drive.

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