Sandboxie Load Errors after clicking x64, how to fix them?

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by GrammatonCleric, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. GrammatonCleric

    GrammatonCleric Registered Member

    Jan 8, 2009
    Once I clicked the Exprimental X64, my PC rebooted in 1 min and then sandboxie failed to load.
    I have OA++ and MAMUTU, I excluded Sandboxie from both but it still didn't help.

    How to I get back to SAndboxie so I can uncheck the x64 checkmark? So far Sandboxie won't come up, all I see is the "!" mark at the sanboxie icon. So I can't untick the checkmark.

    SBIE2331 Service start failed: [22 / 5] Access is denied.
  2. chris1341

    chris1341 Guest

    Have you checked OA++ & Maumutu logs to ensure they did not prevent the SBIE 'patch' to circumvent 64bit restrictions? It is unique and unusual behaviour SBIE is attempting so may fall foul of either OA hips or Mamutu behaviour blocker, although I've used it with both and had no issues on Win 7 64 bit machines.

    If its not being blocked you could always uninstall & reinstall SBIE. On uninstall it will ask you do you want to keep the ini file. If you click yes you can open that (C:\Windows\Sandboxie.ini on 64 bit I think) and change Experimental Protection from y to n, save and then reinstall SBIE. It will load your previous settings automatically from the ini file but without the experimental protection because you have changed that to n.

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