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  1. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    May 9, 2005
    I know this is a second thread, but I would like to give my suggestions in a separate thread.
    I think Samurai has the same problem as SecureIt.
    Let's say I apply ALL. Now, let's say something doesn't work and I want to cancel an option. But I don't know which, so I want to deselect ALL and apply configuration. NOW . . .
    Most of the things on the computer are already disabled.
    So, if I clicked deselect ALL and then apply, what will happen?
    Will the program revert to MY settings?
    Enable all of the said, creating giant security messup?
    I think that the program should be made as follows:
    First use - create snapshot of relevant registry keys and services.
    Then, if user does not like the changes - revert to user's default.
    Ability to create backup snapshot every time before making changes.
    Make individual toggle buttons for each option, so a user can change them one by one and see what's good or wrong and stalls some software.
    The SAME problem was with SecureIt hardening tool.
    I wrote them a mail, and here I give my suggesstion to Samurai.
    My PCs are patched with HTAStop, BugOff, WWDC, customly disabled services, grc tool and many many more. So what happens if I disable all then dislike it? So I reenable all? See my fear?
    Looking forward to your reply.

    EDIT: Another useful pair of tips:
    Add the draw backs of disabling each option.
    For instance, BugOff has this - it tells you that if you disable this or that that outlook express might stop working and that windows help might stop working. Some other programs do not have this and I think it will take lots of testing - for instance, HTAStop disables some features of the User Accounts because User Accounts uses hta, believe it or not!
    Second tip, make the program detect existing configurations. For instance, if user already has unpnp, messenger, remote desktop or indexing service disabled, then there's no need for doing that twice. That way, the user would be able to tell what went wrong even more accurately after applying changes.
    I think this should not be too difficult.
    Cheers on, edit out.
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  2. areply

    areply Guest

    I would consider contacting the author of Samurai with your ideas. They sound like good changes to me, and perhaps if you contacted Turbo Tramp and let him know he could incorporate those changes into newer versions. His email on this page.
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