RUN AS for TDS-3 - TRACE scan, multiple user problems

Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by Gavin - DiamondCS, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. Gavin - DiamondCS

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    Feb 10, 2002
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    This thread will resolve 2 known problems. Firstly, the TRACE scanner in TDS-3 is intended to be run with Administrator privileges, and can report trace filenames existing when run under a limited user account. To resolve this, simply use RUN AS to run TDS-3 as an Administrator where possible (try to run TDS-3 as an Administrator at all times)

    Secondly, when TDS-3 is running, the program protects itself, including locking the TDS-3 keyfile TDS3.KF. If you use Fast User Switching on Windows XP, and then try to run TDS-3 again in another user account you will find that it cannot find the keyfile and reports an error L1A>

    In both cases, simply use RUN AS to run TDS-3 under the context of another logged in user - this should be an ADMIN user, all accounts should run TDS-3 as an Administrator. To do so, simply right-click on the TDS-3 shortcut or TDS-3.EXE itself and choose RUN AS


    Then choose to run as any account with Administrator privileges, this could be the account named Administrator or another account with the required privileges.

Thread Status:
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