Rumour mill claims Longhorn has a real name

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Firecat, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Microsoft insider insinuates nomenclature

    By Wil Harris: Monday 21 February 2005, 10:31

    DO WE HAVE the new name of Longhorn revealed today? According to sources at Microsoft, we think we might. While Longhorn has been the much-mentioned codename for the next-generation Windows technology, a Microsoft mole came to us at the weekend with some news of high-level branding discussions that appear to have yielded a name for the new Windows. It could all just be the rankest of speculation, however.
    Microsoft Windows e-XPedition.

    Expedition, geddit? Apparently, marketing suits are happy that the name evokes ideas of the 'e-home' as well as the familiar 'XP' and Media Centre 'Edition', elements of which are all found in Longhorn. It also echoes the 'Where do you want to go today?' slogan, which has become a Microsoft catchphrase.

    We couldn't get any confirmation of the name from anyone within Microsoft, so you can treat this one as a rumour for now. We are, however, expecting an announcement pretty soon - possibly at WinHEC, to counteract the negative buzz of not actually showing a Beta version of the OS there.

    Will man land on Mars before Longhorn ships? We think we should be told. µ
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