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    Nov 24, 2005
    Hi i just got a new netgear wndr3700 router and i had a router hooked up before but now i keep getting those udp log entries , rule udp any other packets, the address is my router address, port dest: SSDP/Upnp=1900, Src 1029 and 1030. Can i just add the rule for this , one says client and one server thou. I have read the thread about creating a rule for routers but it is really confusing. I have my mac address and the ip of the router these are downloads being blocked so far. I also was getting IGMP upload a few times also can I also just add a rule for this also. Do i need to input all the values by hand or not. I would like to allow these functions but in a secure way. I use to get a Tcp/ ip log when i and now i see now log for it at all. I have switched from using WEP to WPA security is this why it shows UDP instead of TCP/IP now? I loaded the newest enhanced version of rules. I am also running the older version of looknstop 2.06 v4 because i hate the newone asking to allow secondary and third programs if it is ok to open a primary program to go online. And version 2.07 still shuts down my printer when trying to print stuff off the web. I dont really want to shut off plug n play or SSDP either my new router uses it to enable WPS on the newer adapters from netgear, I do have the WPS and UPnp in the router shut off for now thou. Thanks, sincerely
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.