RKU Evil?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by LoneWolf, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. EP_X0FF

    EP_X0FF Registered Member

    Nov 8, 2006
    Site is gone and not exists anymore, with same success you can point in middle ages.


    Find a n o t h e r target for your flooding. I completely don't care about you, your statements and your opinions. Just take it as fact - you spreading demagogy here in this thread and its simple annoying, nothing else.

    And after this you love your Greatis software company and bugprogrammer Gmer with all their stupid statements and other idiocy were both posted? http://forum.sysinternals.com/smileys/smiley36.gif

    Please point me in the direction of where someone producing an ARK has used his site DDoS as promotion action? What? Why you all don't want to answer on this more interesting question?

    Repeat, do not like - DO NOT USE. ~~~snip~~~` Peter2150
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  2. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    Sep 20, 2003
    Please lets try and keep the personal jabs out of posts.


  3. EASTER.2010

    EASTER.2010 Guest

    Many users do use RKUnhooker :thumb: and it's been many times over PROVEN!!!! trustworthy as well as accurate from the beginning onto...........
    .................as well as the manufacturer who also been very busy answering in a most professionally manner ALL inquiries into it's results/logs and workings.

    Can't say from this nonsense that i blame the anger sometimes because it wastes their time having to defend false accusations and anyone else would do the same.

    I really have noticed a pattern lately that when a really good & talented vendor/developer has established a top notch program that a few choice critics surface who seem bent on nothing but complaints and discrediting the makers of it.
    I take offense to that because users everywhere been blinded for so long with the same old approach to security & detection that it looked like it was inevitable we would also be harnessed to always waiting for the next signature or program update while in the meantime we felt like the hammer would drop again at any time between.

    Then came along HIPS :thumb:

    Then came along RKUnhooker :thumb:

    Then came along SuperAntispyware :thumb:

    Nick of (SAS Developer) is also been taken to task pretty severely at times too lately, and why? His product is another top notch performer in the same category of programs that excell well beyond the ordinary.

    So yep, there is definitely a pattern where concerns excellent products and i don't blame them one bit for coming out in defense of nonsense and false allegations against them, but not everyone is so unique as the critics, we just happen to have the assurance & confidence that THEY don't/can't enjoy or want anyone else to either. :cool: Too bad, what works and works good is here to stay, and that includes their handicrafts & reputation which is good enough with me.
  4. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    May 9, 2005

    I am wondering whether this thread is about a program being 'evil' or about people being 'evil,' as it seems that the separation kind of blurs.

    In general terms, a program can be effective (or not) even if the author is popular (or not) among certain circles. The two can complement each other very nicely without conflicts.

    When people use software, they tend to mix emotions with pure performance of the programs. I admit I have fallen pray to this too - since we spend so much time on the computers and treat them like pets or friends.

    On the political level, this exchange does not help either of the sides mentioned. Some people will never use a program X. Others will remain hardcore fans no matter what.

    But the majority of common users will not like to read this kind of posts and it will certainly not help them decide in favor of programs mentioned, especially when big words like DDoS, rootkit and such are used.

    Polarization is often quite tempting, because we all want to make a statement. But ultimately, it does not help our popularity much, unless you're so brilliant and so scandalous they will forgive you anything.

    Now, regarding the evil of programs:

    How do you define evil?

    Personally, I think companies that have offices on the sunny shores of California and push adware and crapware to millions of people in the guise of consumerism and 'we care' approach are a much greater problem to the stability and security of the Internet than genius programmers that code various hi-tech tools (rootkits etc.).

    Because these 'evil' fruits of concept only help boost the competition and improve products.

    Much of the digital technology is being slowed - deliberately - by big players. For anyone wondering why we do not have 32GB flash disks today, ask any Sundisk worker about FAT32 format and MS and why they have to hack the FAT to make it all work...

    And then, don't forget Sony, DRM, deliberately downplayed content, performance and programs, WGA and 600,000 false positives, and so on and so on. Not very productive. And no one called them 'evil.' Not many anyway.

    If a big of rough competition is going to make us all use better products, I'm all for it. But the competition should be fought with chivalry. It might not make the product better, but it will make people feel better.

    Cheers all,
  5. hurzelpurzel

    hurzelpurzel Registered Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    So the "house" is a "(back)door"?

    That's the whole point, proofs will be asked if we want to go beyond "religious" arguments of belief or nonbelief.

    I expected you to have read their book, but you miss the point. They discuss mainly rootkit technology anyway and take some journeys into the "mind" of an attacker. The rest is semantics.


    ~~~snip~~~ Peter2150

    Above was my opinion and not meant to offend either side. I just wanted to point out some things after reading through the thread.

    Ouch, if you like we all could write in our native language, and even this won't guarantee that the meaning gets delivered the way someone intended it. To attempt to "improve" your personality/behavior would require at least three prerequisites:
    - I'd have to care
    - I'd have to know you personally
    - There'd have to be something to improve

    Not childish per-se, but perhaps not very mature either ... However, on first sight I knew that: "засунь свой манифест себе в жопу далб*еб" sounds childish to me (quoted from the screenshots on the website linked from the first post).

    Excuse me if I don't want to take party for either of you since I don't know either of you.


    Which can also end up as some zealots defending either side, while it is the diversity in case of ARK tools that makes them effective.

    Do you? :D

    Full ack!

    How about: against the will of the machine owner/user?!

    That's the difference. Sony has a PR department, EP_X0FF and the author of GMER likely don't have one.
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  6. SystemJunkie

    SystemJunkie Resident Conspiracy Theorist

    Mar 3, 2006

    Are you guys occultics, Section11, theosophism.. in sleep many phenomenons can happen.

    Lol, this might be true.

    High likely.
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  7. hurzelpurzel

    hurzelpurzel Registered Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    Nope, this is Russian and the script used is Cyrillic (preceded by Glagolithic). Look it up in Wikipedia, if you like. Much of it was inspired by Greek letters and they were invented to allow writing the Slavonic spoken language several centuries back. What he wrote wasn't really nice and is called "mat", I'll spare us the translation ;)

    If you insist on a translation, drop me a P.M.
  8. EASTER.2010

    EASTER.2010 Guest

    Funny again.

    At the expense of repeating it again i will. Critics only subscribe to fomenting false allegations based on anything they can grab at to discredit top level programs and/or authors of the same when they have tipped the Legendary scale of total & new effectiveness.

    Memory Serves: RKUnhooker + originating developers are still professional/talented/generous in duty, distribution, and tact in response to ALL inquiries requested of them.

    You proceed sir from a false presumption that based on mere radical exchanges between parties that referenced some hints in print at ddos and the like, that there is been substance resulting from it. Care to offer proof?

    Consider This: RKU is been and continues to be offered free of charge and is proved extremely useful in uncovering stealthy tactical intrusion probabilities as well as real world rootkits/hiders including keyloggers/backdoors.

    Now would someone please tell me what is going on? I'm not attempting to evaluate the moral implications of some forum exchange between disagreeing parties but it's not so unusual for dares to surface in them. So what else is new?
  9. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    We're going around in circles here now, so, it's time to "stick a fork in it - it's done."

    Both sides on this issue have had their say, so with that, let's move on. Thread closed.
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