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Discussion in 'Returnil Betas' started by TheKid7, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. TheKid7

    TheKid7 Registered Member

    Jul 22, 2006
    Please share with everyone your recommended tweaks/configuration settings for Returnil 2.01 Beta. I could not find a pdf manual specifically for the 2.01 Beta version. The following new features was given on their website.

    > Custom Virtual Partition installation path
    > Virtual Partition drive designation change support
    > File Protection
    > Returnil Tools: Anti-Execute and Real System Autoruns
    > Real System Registry Editor
    > Right Click Delete
    > Disk Cache privacy wipe
    > Right click Tray Icon and Toolbar control
    > Custom language and Help Manual installation support
    > User defined font support

    Please briefly comment on/explain each of the above features.

    Is the file protection feature for protecting other hard drive partitions and hard drives?

    Is the Anti-Execute something similar to the software Anti-Executable?

    Thank you.

    EASTER Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2007
    U.S.A. (South)

    I Personally use Returnil w/password protection and memory cache ONLY (No Disking) Now if you desire some real privacy with Returnil, i tested this method with absolutely stunning success. Don't allow auto-start but fire up On-Demand then use the virtual partition within it to install a passy protected TrueCrypt container. Totally flawless and awesome.

    On the net side of matters, ENABLE PROTECTION and you got a temporary system session that in a single click is dumped from whatever wrote to it, as well as save your choice of documents or apps to the virtual partition to pick up again later.

    This is only two small examples of how super effective Returnil can be for any user. Oh, i might also mention it never chokes, pukes, or otherwise gum up anything as in runs 100% stable each and every time.

    Hope that helps a little

  3. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Sep 18, 2006
    Hi :)

    The Virtual Partition can now be installed on alternate partitions rather than only the System Partition. This means you can put the VP on any drive or partition connected to your computer.

    The default letter for the VP is "Z:\" and was not changeable. In 2.01 you can customize the letter designation.

    The File Protection feature is an option that allows you to selectively protect non-system files, drives, partitions, etc. That is, content other than what is on the System Partition.

    The tools were created to deal with certain types of specialized malware that can bypass Instant Recovery programs. Namely, the Sonydog (AKA Robodog) Trojans.The tools themselves do as they are named:

    The Anti-Execute tool will provide a means to stop the execution of these and related programs and the Autoruns tool allows you control over the Autoruns section of the registry.

    Allows you to edit the autoruns in the Real System

    Like the commit to disk, it may be of use for the user to have the ability to delete a file on the Real System. Be careful of this option as the deletion is for real...

    This is an option in the Advanced settings that allows you to do a random pass wipe on the disk cache at computer shut down. Whithout this option, the cache is simply overwritten but information within the cache can be discovered using advanced techniques and forensics tools. The feature was added to provide a better level of privacy.

    Right click either the tray icon or the tool bar to get access to specific options in RVS.

    You can add your own custom language for the GUI and force the installer to use a custom help manual not included in the original installation file.

    You can add a line to your current or custom languiage file that will change the default font in the RVS GUI


    Yes and no. Faronics Anti Executable is more advanced and designed to be a stand alone solution while the Anti-Execute tool in RVS is targeted towards protection against specific types of malicious software.

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