"Restart to PSR environment is needed for operations completion" message

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    Mar 21, 2014
    Hello all

    for no apparent reason I'm now not able anymore to run a backup on one of my laptop's hard drives. My Toshiba has 2 internal physical drives, currently mapped as C: and D:. OS is Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

    The backup scripts are scheduled in Task Scheduler. I've not been running them for around 1 month. I ran them last night, and only backup for C: drive (HD0 for Paragon B&R) was created. For D: drive (HD1) there was only the newly created folder for backup, but empty.

    And I found a dialog window open when I came back to laptop: see attached picture "Script Interpretator.png":
    Scripts Interpretator.png

    I tried again, manually starting the scheduled task, and the same dialog appears just at the very beginning of backup process (See attached picture "Overall progress 0 %.png").

    Overall progress 0 %.png

    Anyone has any pointer on how to solve this, so that I can backup the second drive as well?

    I tried repeating the steps after a machine restart: same thing. Now I'm stuck.

    Thanks all
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