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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by unknown, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. unknown

    unknown Registered Member

    Mar 21, 2005
    I find myself with a dilemma and a new notebook. I'd like to resize the one C: partition of its 100GB HD and create a D: and E: partition (or would they be logical drives?) for data and other purposes. If I install True Image and burn an image to either DVD or external HD (portable storage device?) before installing and resizing the partition, can I count on the saved image restoring the drive if anything goes haywire with the resizing? I've not performed a partition resizing before so I'm somewhat apprehensive. I certainly do not want to muck up a brand new laptop. The current configuration is factory new, I have neither installed nor changed anything yet.

    Thank you!
  2. MiniMax

    MiniMax Registered Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    Yes - as long as you create the image of the whole disk, and not just the C partition. Also, since this is for an emergency situation, please test that the True Image Rescue CD is able to access/open the image on the external HD.

    P.S: On the disk, it is partitions (primary, extended, or logical partitions). No letters. The lettering and "driverization" of partitions are done by Windows.
  3. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello unknown,

    Thank you for your interest in Acronis System Utilities.

    It is possible to create the image of the whole disk using Acronis True Image and store it to external drive or DVDs. Please note that you will need DVD burning third-party software if you want to use DVDs. Please read Acronis article concerning burning to DVDs for the details.

    After the image is created please verify it using "Check Image" tool and make sure your external drive is recognized (it should) when you boot from Acronis Bootable CD.

    To resize the partition you may use Acronis Disk Managing Software called Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0. It will allow you to decrease your C: partition and create new partitions. Also you may convert the partition type from Primary to Logical and vice versa without data loss.

    Thank you.
    Ilya Toytman
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