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Discussion in 'privacy general' started by phkhgh, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2007
    I recently started getting a LOT more spam on my "master" email acct I never use.
    Discovered some seemingly confused advertisers like Peoria VW, (for instance) think I live in places like Peoria (live 1000 mi away).

    Don't report a lot of spam - do scams / fraud if can tie to a well known ISP.

    Reading message source, one ad included link:

    You recently registered with a network website to receive special online offers.
    To no longer receive messages, please
    use this link to remove your subscription
    (which gave link below):

    hxxp:// (I removed real email).

    Obviously, didn't register for this site. The site exists (didn't click link), but not much info or even link to report abuse. Of course, # 1 rule of security is don't click email links from unknown/ untrusted sources. BUT... if I reported many spam msgs, I'd be forced to send my email address to unknown ISPs, because I haven't heard of most.

    That may result in more spam, not less. Or if I sent them to say, SpamCop or other, they might be sending my address to unknown sources - same issue. How do others handle reporting spam (or not) if it's NOT from an ISP like AT&T, Google, Yahoo, etc? Just del & forget?

Thread Status:
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