Remote Install tab has unregistered PCs listed that are not in Active Directory.

Discussion in 'ESET Server & Remote Administrator' started by winstonsmith84, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. winstonsmith84

    winstonsmith84 Registered Member

    Dec 11, 2012
    Is there some way to remove computers from the remote install tab that are unregistered? I've taken older PCs off our network and uninstalled ESET from them and deleted the PCs from Active Directory. They no longer exist on our network. How long does it take before ESET realizes that and stops listing them as unregistered? Can I get them off the unregistered remote install list myself?
  2. DrewD

    DrewD Eset Staff Account

    Feb 19, 2010
    First be sure that you are re-running the ESET Remote Administrator, (Remote Install) Default Search Task, by clicking on the Default Search Task option, and then selecting Run, (In the top left of the ESET Remote Administrator Remote Install Tab window).

    If old computers seem to still show up in active Directory, then there may be stale records.

    Here is an article that explains how to check for stale Active Directory computer accounts:

    The ESET Remote Administrator software is very flexible so you can also perform different kinds of searches:

    In addition to the Active Directory Search, you can also search for computers using IP addresses, and Computer Names:

    I cannot see client workstations in the Remote Install tab of the ESET Remote Administrator Console (5.x)
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